Futronix – PFX-12 Lighting Control System

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PFX-12 Lighting Control System All digital control – each PFX dimmer contains the latest generation controller and hard-fired digital dimmer circuits



PFX-12 : 12 Way 10A Programmable Dimmer MCB



pfx_lighting control system futronix

      • All digital control – each PFX dimmer contains the latest generation controller and hard-fired digital dimmer circuits
      • Programmable scenes (20 per area standard, expandable to 120 with Home-Icon)
      • 3 phase dimming or switching
      • 4 selectable dimming curves
      • Each channel can be set to be a switching only (non-dimming) circuit
      • 1024 step fade resolution for all fade and cross-fade functions
      • Variable fade rates from 0.5 seconds to 2 hours (to gradually turn lights on/off)
      • 4 data buses including:
        • X bus
        • RS485
        • RS232
        • DMX (option)
      • No minimum load on any channel
      • Multi-zoning 256 zones in one local area
      • 15 room multi-partition control
      • Mains voltage compensation
      • Voltage stabilization
      • 24-hr 7-day built-in event timer (battery backed)
      • Occupancy detection
      • Daylight balancing
      • Low noise operation – audible noise from a 16 channel 10A dimmer fully loaded at 50% is less than 30db @ 1m
      • Energy saving – efficiency <98%
      • Programming and operation from:
        • remote control handset, infra-red
        • PC laptop
        • Futronix Home-Icon® TFT Color Touch Screen Controller
      • Permanent memory – in the event of a power blackout pre-set scenes are not lost and re-programming of dimmer is not necessary
      • Temporary circuit adjustment without save
      • Master raise and lower
      • Exit Delay & Sleep Timer
      • Security settings
      • Virtual I/O for control of:
        • non-lighting equipment
        • audio and video equipment
        • curtains, shades, blinds
        • water features
        • security and alarm systems, etc.
      • Direct control of AV systems
      • Electrician-friendly installation

PFX System Dimming Racks Compatible with Home-Icon:

Height, Width, Depth
980 X 980 X 150mm
1 phase
950 X 500 X 110mm
3 phase
950 X 500 X 110mm
3 phase

PFX System – Technical Specifications:

Mains Supply Input
380-415V ac @ 50/60Hz three phase
270V ac @ 60Hz
200-240V ac @ 50/60Hz single or three phase
110-130V ac @ 50/60Hz single phase
Dimming Output (no minimum load)
5, 10, 20 or 40A per channel continuous tungsten, low voltage, halogen,   neon/cold cathode, and fluorescent (high frequency)
Dimming Output (0-10Volt Optional)
LED transformers & fluorescent regulation ballasts
Control for colour changing lamps/LEDs & accessories
Switching Output
5, 10, 20 or 40A per channel continuous HID, non-dim fluorescent, other loads
Dimming Unit
Output devices rated at 40A 1000V peak
Interference Suppression
Heavy duty, high inductance chokes 200uS rise time 1.4 mH
Cable Termination (incoming)
200A single or three phase switch disconnector
MCB 10A, 20A or 40A type B or C
Cable Entry – Power
Bottom of chassis 3 x 51mm + 5 x 25mm
Cable Entry – Control
Left side of chassis 20mm + 12mm
Ambient Temperature
40ºC maximum, generously rated heatsinks limit internal temperature rise to   less than 25°C above ambient temperature
X-bus protocol network switch panel bus, BMS, PC network, RS485, RS232
Conforms to relevant UL, BS & EN safety standards; CE approval


I-Phone Connectivity

I-Phone connectivity for lighitng control - gear 4 by FutronixUse your iPhone or iPod touch to take control of Futronix dimmers and other home electronics devices. Your choice of scenes can be selected from the menus or automatically using one key MACRO commands. Eliminate that cluttered mess of remotes, by consolidating all your remotes into one single i-Phone application. Select your favorite lighting scenes, close the blinds, power up the surround sound system, turn up the volume and flip through channels using one of these Futronix compatible devices.

For more information about applications for the PFX System visit Futronix.com

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