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Aldabra pipe bridgeDimmer.co.uk is the premier UK store for LED lighting, dimmers, lighting controls and accessories. We can meet all your dimmer and lighting needs, from a single gang scene dimmer for the home, to a large multi-channel commercial lighting control system for a hotel, conference center, cinema, hospital, church or other public space.

We offer superior service and support throughout the complete business cycle, from satisfying questions arising during specifying, through commissioning, after sales service and pre-planned maintenance.


Founded in 1989, We have grown to become one of the major manufacturers of architectural lighting control systems. Our products range from the world’s smallest scene dimmer to the largest commercial system currently available.

Leading the Market

We have established a position as market leader through a constant commitment to product innovation, technical excellence and attention to customer requirements.

Technical Excellence

Due to the innovative technology used throughout the range, Futronix offers high-specification products at low cost without sacrificing quality. Futronix manufactures the only truly digital range of commercial and domestic dimmers. These dimmers have no analogue content, making them smaller, more accurate and more reliable.

Customer Care

Futronix is committed to caring for its customers. Purchasing a product from Futronix is only half the story – we constantly strive to fulfil and exceed our customer’s highest expectations. Whether you are a Lighting Consultant, Architect, M&E Consultant, Electrician or consumer, each customer can expect to receive first class service with professional help and technical advice on-line.

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