Futronix Hx System


The Unique Hx-Series Lighting and Home Automation Controller

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Futronix Hx System Domestic Scene Dimmer (include remote control)

The Unique Hx-Series Lighting and Home Automation Controller

HX1 Bedroom Lighting Control

HX1 Living Room Lighting Control

Perfect for residences & condominium units, the Hx features multi-point, multi-channel switching, combined with sophisticated lighting control and networking options typically offered only by much larger centralized dimming systems.

Today’s open-plan residences typically feature a large area divided into zones for dining, relaxation and entertainment. Each zone requires different types and levels of lighting – and possibly other home system automation as well. Hx dimmer provides discrete lighting control over individual areas while maximising the convenience of operating lights and other systems from conveniently located switch points.

Offering much more than just intelligent dimming, the Hx system can also control a host of other programmable home automation features – including curtains and drapes, TV and screen lifts, mirror demisters even water features – and can interface with occupancy detection and security systems to provide intelligent home automatin.

The Hx’s all-degital design has a unique combination of 16 channels of scene dimming, relay switching, 0-10v dimming and DMX coloured lighting control (optional).

It can control all types of room lighting including LED, tungsten, halogen, low voltage as well as most switched device and energy-saving lamps.

Using the X-Bus® protocol the versatile Hx unit can be controlled from multi-point switch locations, or from the convenient IR remote, Pc or color touch screen.

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Futronix lighting controller - HX3 control plates

I-Phone Connectivity

I-Phone connectivity for lighitng control - gear 4 by FutronixUse your iPhone or iPod touch to take control of Futronix dimmers and other home electronics devices. Your choice of scenes can be selected from the menus or automatically using one key MACRO commands. Eliminate that cluttered mess of remotes, by consolidating all your remotes into one single i-Phone application. Select your favorite lighting scenes, close the blinds, power up the surround sound system, turn up the volume and flip through channels using one of these Futronix compatible devices.

For more information about applications for the P100 visit Futronix.com


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